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One word: Epilepsy


I happen to like Wade. Me and him are sex big time. >:(

Magyar responds:


Pretty good

Animation was fine, the preloader was excellent.

My complaints are the sound and the lame dialogue.

I don't know if you don't speak english fluently or not, but I couldn't understand you sometimes. The static in the microphone didn't help, but maybe you should look for a voice actor.

The dialogue was lame. Plain lame. Come up with a better idea, and improve the sound, and you'll get a higher score.

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Usually I don't complain about lag, but this really does have a lot of it. Its an AMAZING game, but even after turning quality to low, closing extra windows, going to high-performance power usage, AND going into pop-up, I still lag. At around level 15 it becomes nigh impossible to even play the game because there's a 15 second delay on everything.

So I really hope that an upcoming update will reduce the lag somewhat. Maybe if the dead bodies would disappear after a while?

is it



i amscare

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i don't normally listen to hip hop, but this stuff is awesome.

CKC2009 responds:

listen to my other stuff aswell man

only cos 1 billion a beat :P.. i jk

Best verse ever:

"i imagine if things were different
or if i'd gone the extra mile
but it's hard to walk with two broken legs
and still maintain a smile"

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This is really cool! Do you have a band backing you up or something, because this sounded like a true rock band. This was awesome! You should send some of this stuff to a record company. They would be insane not to hire you!

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Now THAT is art

Why waste your time with marble, when you can use playdoh!

But seriously, great job. Gore effects are pretty cool.

b0em responds:

Oh my god, the nostalgia! Playdoh!
Thanks for the comment!

not bad

its a little rough, but it still looks cool.

TheSpicanator responds:

what do you mean by...rough?

Theres a lot of subtle details to it.

After a couple seconds of looking at it, I realized that the dad guy has Tricky on his shirt, The mechanic dude has a pico mask, and the chainsaw dude with the black hair is wearing tankmen glasses. lol to the tankmen.

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JohnnyUtah responds:

its the madness clown, but you were close

Did you know that when it rains, people get wet?

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